i'm emily,

A visual and interactive designer with interests in typography, packaging, and branding. Growing up in Culver City, I have appreciated being able to surround myself with the artistic history and culture of LA. My passion as an artist has encouraged me to use skill as a means to problem solve and connect with the world. I strive to use my design skills to not only create aesthetics, but something that is purposeful, emotional, and meaningful. I am constantly inspired by my own experiences and culture, as well as the ones shared by the people around me. My designs encapsulate a balance between the fine details and the big picture coming together to create pieces that are holistically impactful.

I have most recently enjoyed designing for UNNAMED NYC and Anime Expo. Outside of the design world, I usually spend my time with friends and family immersed in music, movies, traveling, shopping, and sharing yummy food on my food blog. 

Got a project in mind?